Fight fiendish foes, brave the depths of ancient ruins, and meet some new faces in this lively action RPG from Falcom, the makers of Ys!
Ilvard has history, culture, and strangeness aplenty for visitors old and new.
Come see what's waiting for you on this mysterious floating isle!
Colorful Cast
In Zwei, it's not just the main characters who have their own stories – all the people Ragna and Alwen meet have a place in the world, complete with their own lives, problems, and triumphs. If you don't see someone in their usual area, chances are they're somewhere in Ilvard, doing something, and if you poke around and find them, you might learn something new about them. Get to know these individuals and check in on them frequently, because as the game's story progresses, so will theirs.
The G-Colosseum
Hidden away somewhere in Ilvard is an entertainment center so flashy, so tacky, it's amazing it's not visible from space. Within its halls, visitors can browse a gallery of life-sized enemy models, challenge past bosses through the magic of electronic "arcade cabinets," and participate in the main event – a no-holds-barred battle arena that promises to pit Ragna and Alwen against some familiar faces as they shoot for the top (and whatever reward comes with it). Sure, the staff is a bunch of weirdos, but it's a good time all-around!
That Belongs in a Museum!
In the same building that houses Ilvard's branch of the Treasure Hunter's Guild, you'll find Ilvard's very own museum, stocked with strange curios from Doctor Theo's collection. At the beginning, it's a bit lacking in impressive specimens and displays, but that's where Ragna's penchant for finding treasure comes in.
Discover mysterious treasures in dungeons and bring them back to town for Greyn to appraise. You'll earn money and rewards for your trouble, and also the personal satisfaction of being able to walk through the museum and see your artifacts, bones, jewels, and other finds on display.
Chatting's For the Birds
Legend has it that there exists a mysterious artifact known as "Solomon's Ring," and that whoever wears this mystical band will find him- or herself able to understand the language of all animals, and speak with them in kind. Many animals are smarter than people give them credit for, and they observe with their keen senses things of which humans may be only dimly aware. If you somehow come upon this curious accessory, you can speak with birds, dogs, and cattle to pick up some interesting tidbits. Or, you can just talk to the three cats in Artte and listen to them belittle each other in true feline fashion.
If you can somehow ascend the heights of Starry Peak, you may chance upon a strange kappa. How does it survive on the blizzard-buffeted heights, you may wonder? Well, that's not really important. What IS important is that this is one savvy kappa – he knows a couple ace routes down the mountain perfect for skiing and snowboarding, and he's perfectly happy to let you run them as many times as your heart desires...for a small fee. Unfortunately, Ragna doesn't have a snowboard handy, but he's nothing if not resourceful. He'll find something he can use. And if it goes even faster than a snowboard, all the better.
Brand New, Expanded English Voices
We've greatly expanded on the Japanese release's voice acting, with over 2000 never-before-voiced lines bringing the twists and turns of the main story to life.
Ragna and Alwen may be skilled, but neither will be able to face what lies ahead alone.
To come out on top, they need the power of two!
Two Playable Characters
for Tag-Team Action
No need to brave the unknown alone when you've got a partner by your side. Ragna roughs up foes in melee range, while Alwen fires off salvos of powerful magic, locking down enemies from afar. Switch between the two anytime with the tap of a button to create crazy combos!
Cruisin' for a Bruisin'
Ragna likes to run in and lash enemies with his unique weapon, the Anchor Gear. Is it a whip? A katar? A fancy can opener? Even the NPCs aren't really sure! But the one thing that IS certain is that it's an incredibly versatile weapon, able to be modified to perform a variety of functions.
This Magic Moment
Alwen is a master of the magical arts. Able to blast foes from a safe distance, some of her spells are also excellent at creating openings for Ragna: her ice magic can freeze enemies for a brief time, while her wind magic lifts them up and spins them right round (baby, right round), keeping them under control.
A Secret to Everybody
Arcanum Skills are secret techniques that combine both Ragna and Alwen's powers to unleash a potent magical effect that can really sock it to enemies. To learn such potent arts, however, requires an equally adept teacher, and in Ilvard, such an individual might be hard to come by...
Bombs Away!
Ah, the humble bomb. Simple in construction, simple to use, but who can argue with the results? Every adventurer worth his or her salt will keep a clutch of these on hand. They can open up passageways blocked by debris, shatter boulders to reveal anything hidden beneath, or you can just lob them at monsters and dive for cover. Any way you use them, bombs are always a real blast!
Eat to Live, Live to Eat
Zwei dispenses with battling monsters for your Experience Points. Instead, delicious EXP is found in all the food you'll already be eating to keep yourself healed in dungeons! This simple change opens up the game, allowing players who want more of a challenge to limit their use of food, and players who want an easier time to chow down on the most EXP-rich foods in their inventory so they can muscle their way through the opposition. It also means that, if you don't feel like fighting, you can often just run past enemies without worrying that you're missing out on valuable EXP.
But wait...there's more! Chef Huang at Artte's Panda Inn prides himself on his fully-stocked pantry and his ability to cook just about anything a patron might want. If you bring him ten of any one type of food, he'll trade them for one of a fancier food worth even more EXP than the ten servings of the food you gave him! Through judicious use of this "food exchange," you can make sure you're getting the most EXP for your effort and still have plenty of food to fall back on for all your healing needs.
Animal Magnetism
Ever felt like you could use an extra hand (or paw) when the going gets tough? In Roalta, Ragna and Alwen will have the opportunity to buy their very own pet from the pet shop. The owner, Bianz, has the perfect cat, dog, or chick in mind, and will supply a partner perfectly suited for a life of adventure.
Each pet fights differently – cats barrel into enemies with abandon, dogs hang back and fling balls of energy at foes ( dogs do), and the chick is a mad bomber, pooping out egg bombs that blast enemies – and sometimes regular bombs that can hurt everyone, just to keep you on your toes. Or, avoid the difficult decision over which cute, heartwarming pet to get and buy all three like the responsible adult you are. Then, you can switch them out as the situation calls for.
Whichever pet you choose to have active, your loyal friend will also rove around helping you vacuum up any money and food dropped by defeated enemies. They practically pay for themselves in convenience!
There may be other creatures lurking out there in the unknown expanses of Ilvard that would jump at the chance to tag along with you, too. If the opportunity arises, take them under your wing and discover what special abilities they can bring to your team.